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If the Kansas City Chiefs want to get back into the first-round of the 2018 NFL draft they will have to get creative, even parting ways with a big name.

Since Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach said in an interview that he’d like to get back into the first round, fans have been creating scenarios to make that happen. Most of these scenarios have involved trading draft picks.

The problem with those is that it would be so expensive to move from the 22nd pick in the second round into the first round. In terms of just using draft picks from this season, it would cost the Chiefs at least four of their eight picks. For a team with multiple holes in their lineup, they can’t afford to trade four or more for one.

Another option is to trade future picks, but that again would still be expensive. And the future is so hard to predict that who knows how truly valuable those future picks could be. If some unexpected retirements or injuries happen, then they made need those picks to fill those spots.

The easiest way that the 2018 Chiefs can move up into the first round would be by trading a good player. Judging by the reactions fans had after the Marcus Peters trade these will not be popular scenarios. However, if the Chiefs are truly wanting to move up into the first round for a player they want, these are scenarios they must consider.


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